Dewitt's Ditch - BElgian Wit (Seasonal)

A Simple grain bill of 53% Wheat and 47% Barley, producing a vivid orange hued brew with a medium full body. This beer is as refreshing as spring itself with a huge ripe jammy nose that is equally matched in flavor with a slight bready layer. A kiss of orange peels pair well to compliment the dose of raspberries added at the end of fermentation making for one truly unique Belgian Wit Biere.

Known as the “Father of the Erie Canal”, DeWitt Clinton served as governor of New York State from 1817 – 1823 and then again from 1825 – 1828. Originally referred to as “Clinton’s Ditch” in mocking fashion, the Erie Canal became DeWitt’s greatest legacy. The gorgeous view out of our canal side open-air window reminds us of this engineering feat that shaped our great state thanks to the perseverance of DeWitt Clinton.